3 great white sharks tracked near or headed towards South Florida


MIAMI – Snowbirds aren't the only ones headed to South Florida as tracking shows two great white sharks off our coast and another one on the way.

Ocearch, the organization that works to return the world's oceans to balance, received pings from multiple sharks close by, including popular Katherine who has made the area her winter home for years.

Katherine is a12 ft., 2 in. sub-adult weighing 2,300 lbs. She is currently just north of Jupiter and quickly headed south.

Meanwhile, Nova, another great white, has already made it south and is lurking just off the coast of Duck Key in the Florida Keys. Weighing a little under 1,200 lbs., Nova is a full-grown adult at 11 ft. 6 in.

And finally, swimming on all cylinders and fins is Jefferson, the largest of the group at 12 ft. 7 in., who last pinged near Jacksonville, but making a bee-line straight towards warmer waters off our shore.

Nova and Jefferson are new to the Ocearch community, having only been tagged in September.