Friend of woman found dead after years missing hopes for closure

Friend had wished that by 'some miracle she would reappear alive'

AVENTURA, Fla. – A picture of Lynda Meier still hangs at the work station of Sharon Solano at Blow Salon in Aventura. She described her best friend as a caring woman who started out as a client but then turned to a close friend.

"We just clicked. We just clicked," Solano said.

Meier, 47, disappeared from her Hallandale Beach home in the 1800 block of South Ocean Drive in 2010, but her name was back in the headlines after police said what appeared to be human remains were discovered in a heavily wooded area of Miami Gardens Wednesday.

"I always remained hopeful that by some miracle she would reappear alive," Solano said.

Family members have told Local 10 News that they believe the remains found are those of Meier.

"She has a twin brother, and she has another brother and my heart goes out to their family," Solano said. "The worst tragedy in life is to outlive your children, and I can't imagine what her mother is feeling right now."

Surveillance video shows Meier leaving her apartment building and then taking out money at an ATM.

They are the last images of her seen alive.  After locating her Cadillac Escalade, investigators suspected foul play in her disappearance. But Solano is hopeful that this week's discovery will allow her friend to rest in peace

"Hopefully, there will be some closure and a proper respects paid and burial," Solano said.

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