Burglary suspect barricades himself in attic of Cooper City home, deputies say

2 others taken into custody

COOPER CITY, Fla. – A car burglary suspect barricaded himself in the attic of a home Wednesday morning in Cooper City, authorities said.

The incident occurred at a home on Lakeshore Drive.

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies said the agency's SWAT team responded to the scene to try to make contact with the suspect.

"It's a little frightening, I suppose. Certainly not very exciting for those of us who live here and want to go home," Jennifer Talloway said. 

According to BSO spokeswoman Gina Carter, authorities received a call about people trying to break into vehicles in the area around 5 a.m.

Two people were taken into custody a short time later. 

Carter said a deputy spotted a third person in the area, but the man took off running when the deputy shined a light on him.

Carter said the man ran into a home. She said people were inside at the time, but safely evacuated.

"Apparently, according to my friends here, they left their side garage door unlocked," Talloway said.  

According to Carter, thermal imaging showed that the man was still in the attic early Wednesday afternoon. 

"I think it's good that they're taking such precautions considering there's so many families and people in their houses so close to this mess," neighbor Gabriella Jones said.

Authorities used gas to try to get the man out. They later swept the home and discovered that he was no longer inside. 

"It's kind of a little nerve-wracking that in such a beautiful neighborhood, such a beautiful community, has people breaking in and trying to do this kind of stuff," Jones said. 

It's unclear how many vehicles were burglarized.



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