Woman accused of drugging tourist, lifting his Rolex, credit cards

Man says he blacked out after woman poured something into his drink

Destina Byrd, 23, is accused of robbing and drugging a tourist from New York.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Miramar woman was arrested Saturday after police said she drugged and robbed a tourist she met at a Miami Beach hotel.

Destina Byrd, 23, faces charges of third-degree grand theft and poisoning food or drink.

According to the arrest report, the tourist from New York met Byrd, who is pregnant, late Friday at Club Wall inside the W Hotel in the 4500 block of Collins Avenue. The man said his friends had left for the night when Byrd suggested they stay out and go barhopping, the report said.

Byrd then drove the man to the Corner bar in downtown Miami, the report said. The man bought a vodka drink and a beer from the bar and then went back to Byrd's car where they sat in the back seat, the report said.

The man told police that Byrd poured some of her beer into his vodka drink after grabbing something from the center console of the car. He said he blacked out after he drank more of the drink, the report said.

The man told police that before he drank the vodka-beer mixture, he was "tipsy" but he was not overly intoxicated.

When he regained consciousness, the man's $15,000 Rolex watch, iPhone and credit cards were missing. The man then discovered someone had made $5,200 in unauthorized charges on the cards.

The man was treated at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where staff conducted a blood test that found benzoyl, a topical acne medication, in his system.

Byrd told police she met the man at the hotel and the two "fooled around" in the back seat of car outside the Corner bar before the victim passed out and fell asleep. She said she went to the restroom and when she returned to car, the man was gone. She denied drugging or robbing him, the report said.