Suspect attempts to hide gun in butt

GOLDEN MEADOW, La. – One criminal suspect certainly deserves an "A" for effort, although things didn't really work out in... the end.

Police were called on Dec. 28 to a report of suspicious activity at a home in a neighborhood outside New Orleans. Once they arrived, officers questioned Justin Savoie who was at the home.

According to WGNO, during a pat down of Savoie, officers found a concealed handgun, marijuana and pipe for smoking marijuana.

Police also discovered a homemade gun in Savoie's truck, along with additional firearms and silencers.

But while Savoie was being strip searched at the police station, officers found a small gun found hidden in his buttocks.

Police did not release the caliber or make of the gun found inside Savoie's buttocks.

Savoie was charged with marijuana and drug possession, along with a felony charge of taking contraband to a penal institution and improper registration of a firearm.