Miami rapper surprises wreck survivor at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Kiddo Marv visits teen who survived fatal crash in Miami Lakes

MIAMI – Dezirea Joseph remained at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Friday night. She was injured on New Year's Day when the driver of the red Dodge Neon in which she was traveling jumped the curb, flew over a wall and plowed into Lake Martha in Miami Lakes.

Detectives said Dezirea, 15, was with two 18-year-old men and Christopher Leyva, 19, who were able to get out of the car. Dezirea was trapped, and Leyva died while trying to save her. She is also mourning the loss of her friend. 

After Marvin Beauville, better known as Miami's Haitian-American rapper Kiddo Marv, received a message on Snapchat from Dezirea's aunt, he said his fan's struggle moved him.

"My biggest supporter was found unconscious under water in a wrecked car for 30 minutes," the rapper tweeted Monday afternoon. "She survived. She made my year already."

Beauville, 24, decided to surprise Dezirea at the hospital Wednesday. Her relatives recorded the emotional meeting. Dezirea couldn’t hold back the tears.

Beauville said he wanted Dezirea to know she is not alone in her struggle.

The rapper used Facetime to contact other local rappers, including DJ Sam Sneak, Ball Greezy and Yung Miami from the City Girls, so they too could share messages of encouragement.

Beauville also contacted NFL player Chad Thomas, a graduate of Booker T. Washington Senior High School and the University of Miami. The Cleveland Browns defensive lineman is also a rapper and music producer known as Major Nine.