Florida woman sends man 159,000 texts after two went on one date

PHOENIX – A Florida woman who went on just one date with a man is accused of stalking and sending him more than 159,000 text messages.

The Arizona Republic reports Jacqueline Ades sent the texts over a 10-month period to the Phoenix-area man following their one date after meeting on an online dating service that reportedly connects millionaires.

Some of the texts were threatening in nature, including one that read "I'd wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet."

In court, Ades pleaded not guilty to stalking and criminal trespassing charges. Arresting officers claimed Ades showed signs of mental illness.

The victim, a company CEO from Scottsdale, reported Ades to police after he found her parked outside his house in 2017. After their date and subsequent texts, the man told Ades he did not want to see or hear from her again.

Police were called to the victim's home in April 2018 when surveillance video showed Ades inside the man's home and taking a bath while he was out of the country. Officers arrested Ades and found a large butcher knife in the front seat of her car.

Ades was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing, but failed to appear in court on numerous occasions. She was arrested again on May 8 after visiting the victim's workplace and claiming to be his wife.

While she was transported to jail, Ades spoke of love and conspiracy theories, claiming the victim had told her about them.

"He said to me, 'Go away,' for the last 16 months," Ades said. "And I couldn't, because the more I loved him, the more I learned (about) the secrets of the universe."