Fugitive squirrel runs wild, outwits police officers


McHENRY, Ill. – A fugitive from the law gave police officers all they could handle in an daring escape attempt from inside an office building.

Oh, yeah... the "fugitive" was a squirrel; although video taken from the scene would make you believe the officers were battling a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The trouble around McHenry (Ill.) began when the rodent attempted to warm up inside the building, but got trapped between two sets of lobby doors.

Police tried to shoo the squirrel to safety, but had little luck. The incident only escalated when the officers, perhaps fearing for their lives, refused to go beyond the doors and help the four-legged critter that stands all of 3-4 inches.

One officer scrambled to safety when the squirrel... yes, remember we're talking about a squirrel... began coming towards him in a menacing manner.

The video ends before the outcome, but the McHenry Police Department posted that the squirrel made it outside just fine, although the officers are "seeking counseling."

Squirrel Training

In 2019 we're upping our training game. This video is a test of our officer's ability to handle disorderly subjects who come in to the police department. We were inspired by Rocky chasing a chicken, because 'if you can catch a chicken, you can catch greased lightning!' - right?. "If you can handle a squirrel, you can handle, well, we don't know, that's why we're training!" **Note, Mr. Squirrel made it out just fine and was not injured. Our officers on the other hand, they are seeking counseling.**

Posted by McHenry Police Department on Tuesday, January 1, 2019