Costco selling massive bucket of macaroni and cheese with 20-year shelf life


MIAMI – If you love macaroni and cheese; like, really love macaroni and cheese, today is your lucky day.

And if you're on the fence about the cheesy treat, but dabble in doomsday prepping in your off-hours, you'll also want to pay attention.

Costco is now selling... hold on to your hats... 27-lb. buckets of mac and cheese that can be delivered to your home.

That's 27 POUNDS!

That's 6 GALLONS!

That's... AMAZING!

The buckets contain individual packets of the delicious meal (yes, a meal) that have a shelf-life of 20 years. So if you're not hungry right now, it's good to know you're covered through 2039.

At $89.99, it's practically a deal at just about $2 per serving.