Lengthy A1A makeover irks Hollywood business owners

Tourists, locals turned off by traffic, construction mess

HOLLYWOOD – Safia Khanum owns Joes Market on A1A and she said the effects of an ongoing construction project have forced her to cut staff and delay necessary renovations to her business. 

What's typically peak season is looking pretty dead.

"Snowbirds come in, but now they go to Dania Beach," she said.

Khanum says when it's over, she just hopes it's all worth it.

"No matter what, they’re doing a good job, but they're killing all of our businesses," Khanum said.
Standup barricades are a common sight. Drivers know to add anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to their commute in the area.

Another A1A business owner, Richard Capones, said the traffic causes his staff and deliveries to regularly run late.

"Traffic flow is horrible on the weekends. Nobody can get down here," Capones said.

The $9.3 million project was planned to resurface the road and widen the sidewalk and bike lanes. Business owners are hoping the improved aesthetics bring back the snowbirds and Hollywood locals.

The project is pretty much on schedule -- save for 48-day delay due to a lighting issue planners didn’t budget for. The project is still expected to be completed in spring 2019.

"Hopefully some good traffic flow and more business down this way," Capones said.

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