Dog caught on video stealing package from front door


WEST COVINA, Calif. – Call off the cops. In the end it was the dog that did it.

A California family was left wondering who had stolen a package from the front porch of their West Covina home late last year.

Over the holidays, "porch pirates" were caught all over the country stealing gifts and goodies from homes; so the family in question would not have been surprised to see a crook on their doorstep.

But when reviewing the video from their home surveillance system, the family learned it was a crook of the four-legged variety that swiped their package.

A dog can be seen slowly walking up to the front of the house before disappearing. When the pup comes back into frame, he or she is seen walking away with a box in his mouth.

And with a wag in its tail, the pup walks off with hopes of a big score inside.