Man refuses to open door for police after calling 911 numerous times, authorities say

Nicolas Naylor, 32, refused to let girlfriend out of home, police say


COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – A man is facing multiple charges after he called 911 numerous times and then refused to open the front door to his apartment for responding police officers, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, Nicolas Brian Naylor, 32, placed multiple 911 calls to the Broward Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center throughout Sunday night. 

Police did not immediately say what the calls were about, but said Naylor refused to come to the door when an officer arrived at his home at the Vista Verde Apartments and yelled out to them that he didn't need their assistance.

A responding officer warned Naylor not to call 911 for nonemergency situations or he would be arrested, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Naylor called 911 a total of 11 times, causing seven officers to arrive at his home.

Police said that, on the final visit to Naylor's home, an officer called out to Naylor's girlfriend from the other side of the locked front door and asked her to come outside.

Police said the woman responded, "I can't. He won't let me."

Authorities said the couple got into a verbal argument and the officer once again asked the woman to come outside.

"He's blocking me. I can't," she responded, according to the arrest report.

Police said the officer eventually had to force the door open because he could hear that a physical struggle was taking place between Naylor and his girlfriend.

Police said the woman claimed Naylor had grabbed her arm when she tried to unlock the door for the officer and had pushed her into a bathroom to prevent her from leaving the apartment.

Naylor was arrested on charges of battery, misuse of the 911 system and false imprisonment. 


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