'Bikini Hiker' found dead after fall in national park


XINYI TOWNSHIP, TAIWAN – A woman known as the "Bikini Hiker" for hiking mountains in just a bathing suit was found frozen to death after falling in a national park.

Rescue crews found the body of 36-year-old Gigi Wu inside Taiwan's Yushan National Park. Wu had alerted authorities 28 hours earlier that she had fallen, but poor weather delayed rescue attempts.

According to the Daily Mail, Wu had fallen more than 65 ft. into a gorge while she was trying to climb Yushan, one of Taiwain's highest mountains. Crews found Wu's body at 5,577 feet above sea level, where temperatures were just above freezing.

Authorities did not describe how Wu was dressed when her body was found. Bad weather is delaying crews from airlifting her body from where it was found.

Wu gained a large social media following as she often posted pictures of herself hiking while wearing only a bikini.