Authorities remind drivers of importance of 'Move Over' law

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Let's be honest, South Florida. Traffic can be annoying, and some of us get a little aggressive on the roads. 

"Aggressive driving is the failure to yield right away, improper lane changing, following too closely, disregarding traffic control and speeding," Carlos Sarmiento, of the Florida Department of Transportation, said. 

To raise awareness on the risks of such behavior, FDOT and the Florida Highway Patrol launched their Move Over and Drive Safe statewide campaign for the month of January. 

"This law was established not only to protect troopers but everyone who's out there doing what they do, and that is provide assistance," FHP Trooper Joe Sanchez said. 

The Move Over Act was enacted in 2002. It states if you are traveling on the highway or the road, and you see emergency vehicles, first responders, road rangers or any vehicles stopped on the side of the road, you must move over one lane or reduce your speed by 20 mph.

"It's the law. It's common sense, common courtesy and, most importantly, it's a life-saver," FHP Lt. Alex Camacho said. 

Just last month, an officer in South Florida was nearly killed when a car came careening toward him as he was responding to the scene of an accident.

The officer was sent flying from the impact but was able to walk away with minor injuries.

"Sadly, there's been people who haven’t made it home to their families, and that could've been prevented with one simple act. And that is to follow the law -- the 'Move Over' law," Sanchez said.