Brighter headlights cause bigger problems for drivers


MIAMI – If you think more people are driving with their brights on at night, you're wrong, but you're not alone.

According to a AAA spokesperson, what used to be considered brights are now normal for vehicle headlights, WNYW reports.

"Definitely headlights are getting brighter and brighter and it's as the technology progresses." said Robert Sinclair Jr. "We have gone from the sealed beam headlamp to xenon high intensity discharge lamps, halogen lamps and now LEDs." 

Along with brighter lights, more people are driving SUV's which ride higher with headlights that are shining straight into the eyes of oncoming drivers.

But the brighter headlights have also become a health concern, with one doctor saying she has seen a rise in patients complaining about driving at night.

"The light can become very distracting because it tends to scatter on the retina," said Dr. Prachi Dua, a phthalmologist at Manhattan's Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.