Tearful NCIS star shows solidarity with Venezuela

Wilmer Valderrama: 'I am very proud because we have endured so much'


MIAMI – Amid the shakeup in Venezuela, Wilmer Valderrama was in tears Wednesday. 

The NCIS star shared a video on social media showing solidarity with the anti-government protesters in Venezuela and asking his supporters to help amplify the stories that are coming out of Venezuela. 

"Today Venezuela is going through something iconic, something historical," Valderrama said. 

Valderrama said it's a moment of hope. The 35-year-old president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaydo, became interim president despite Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's opposition. While the United States supported Guaydo, Russia criticized President Donald Trump. 

Valderrama praised the anti-government protesters who were marching under the threat of the National Guard and Maduro's armed supporters. 

"I am very proud because we have endured so much," Valderrama said. 



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