Gov. DeSantis announces $422 million for Florida teacher bonuses

'Best and Brightest Teachers Program' also includes principal bonuses


BRANDON, Fla. – Florida teachers will receive at least $422 million in bonuses, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced this morning.

DeSantis made the announcement about his "Best and Brightest Teachers Program" at a news conference in Brandon.

"I’m proud to announce a renewed investment to recruit and retain the best, most dedicated educators for Florida schools." said DeSantis.

In the proposal, 45,000 teachers rated highly effective or highter will get more than $9,000 in bonuses each. Meanwhile, school principals will receive $6,500 bonuses.

Also, teacher bonuses will no longer be tied to SAT/ACT requirements.

The plan also includes $10 million per year for the next five years for a loan and tuition forgiveness program for 1,700 new teachers each year who commit to working in the state.