Teen suspended after video shows him being jumped at Miami Central High School

School officials say incident was 'mutual combatant situation'

MIAMI – Disturbing cellphone video obtained Friday by Local 10 News shows a mob of students jumping a 10th-grade boy at Miami Central Senior High School. 

The fight happened Jan. 30.

"I'm on the floor," James Hundley told Local 10 News reporter Saira Anwer as he showed her the video. 

Hundley said the incident started as a fight between him and another student. 

"And we started fighting, and all of his friends jumped on me," Hundley said. 

Miami Central High School students identified the boys involved in the fight as football players. 

"I stop fighting because there were too many of them," Hundley said. 

Hundley's grandmother, Ada Smith, is calling the incident a hate crime because a homophobic slur was allegedly used against her grandson. 

"Have they called you that before?" Anwer asked the teen.

"Yes," he said.

Smith said she took Hundley to urgent care because he had a bump on his head. She said she's upset over how the school handled the issue, saying they never tried to get ahold of her.

"I'm on his papers for emergency contact," Smith said.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster released a statement Friday, saying the incident was a "mutual combatant situation."

"The behavior portrayed in this disturbing video is unacceptable and far removed from the values we promote daily as a school system," he said. "After a thorough investigation by Miami-Dade Schools Police, this incident was determined to be a mutual combatant situation. As such, the students involved have been disciplined according to the Code of Student Conduct."

Hundley's grandmother is outraged that the teen would be suspended, as the video clearly shows numerous people attacking him.

"He's telling me James is at fault. How are you at fault (when) someone's got you down on the ground on your stomach and everybody's jumping off the tables down on you, walking, with a few kicking you. How was that mutual combat?" Smith said. 

Hundley said he's suspended from school until Feb. 15.

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