Cuban-American activists aim to help tornado victims in Havana

Cuban American National Foundation presents new program

MIAMI – The Cuban American National Foundation was asking those who are interested in helping the victims of the Sunday night tornado in Havana to join their effort. 

The Miami-based foundation already runs a program that has helped Cubans repair a few dozen homes. The activists say they want to do more to help and they are asking the Cuban government to open a humanitarian aid channel to help assist the victims. 

The F4 tornado left four people dead, dozens injured and destroyed homes in several neighborhoods of Havana. The foundation's activists believe cash donations are most effective now. They are already distributing a graphic on social media asking Cubans to apply for the aid. 

For more information about the program, call Omar Lopez Montenegro at 305-582-1455. The foundation accepts tax-deductible donations online

Foundation's video (Spanish)

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