Davie residents concerned over ‘murky yellow' water

Ferncrest Utilities says water poses no threat to health

DAVIE, Fla. – Residents are concerned over what they said is the unnatural color of water in one Davie neighborhood.

Holly Castro and her daughter, Bailey, live in a brand-new apartment in Davie and love it, except for the water.

"There's no smell to it, no odor. Just the coloring is awful. It really is," Holly Castro said. "It's like a murky yellow."

Castro said she didn't notice the yellow water at first because she used bath bombs and color tabs during Bailey's bath time.

But then, her neighbors began complaining and she realized she was having the same issues.

There's also an added concern. Bailey had a heart transplant in 2017, so she has a weak immune system and Castro has to be extra careful. 

"I constantly worry about her -- just germs in general -- so now we have a whole another component to worry about," Castro said. 

Local 10 News discovered that the water in the area is covered by Ferncrest Utilities.

Bob Palermo, who runs the company, said the water is colored by organic material in the wells.

"People are concerned. They see colored water (and) they think that there's something wrong with it. In fact, there's not," Palermo said. 

Ferncrest used to filter and then treat the water with free chlorine, which would clear up the color. 

But to prevent the buildup of potentially dangerous chemicals, they've had to change their process.

With how the chlorine must be used now, it has lost a lot of that bleaching ability.

Still, Palermo said they are working to fix it and he hopes he can settle everyone's nerves a bit.

"It is strictly an aesthetic," he said. "There is absolutely no health issues at all with color."

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