8-year-old boy dies hours after being given flu diagnoses

ROCKPORT, Texas – An 8-year-old boy died Sunday, just hours after he was diagnosed with the flu and discharged from a hospital.

Martin Campbell's Texas family are mourning the loss of the boy who came down with flu-like symptoms and was immediately taken to the emergency room.

Campbell's mother, Jasmine Solis, says her son was always talkative, so when he was keeping quiet she knew something was wrong, KTRK reports.

After doctors diagnosed Martin with the flu, he was sent home with medicine. But things quickly took a turn for the worse.

"That's when we noticed that he was pretty much turning purple," Jasmine said.

Martin was transported to another hospital where he went into cardiac arrest and later died, just before his mother arrived.

Sadly, Martin, who was always worried he never had any friends, didn't see the sympathy cards all his classmates sent to the family to express how much they missed him.