Good Samaritan 'Shake' catches robber targeting elderly bank costumers

Citizen's arrest nets robber, helps elderly men recover cash

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – "Shake" is the type of guy you want to have around when an armed robber hurts you and takes your money. He rushed to help two men, ages 82 and 79, to catch the robber and recover their money.

The good Samaritan said he saw the robber target the two men Friday morning outside of the Wells Fargo Bank branch at 9301 NW Seventh Ave. in Miami-Dade's Pinewood area.

"Shake" said he saw the robber hit the two elderly men and chased him and didn't let him get away. 

"I run, I jump in front of the car, I hit the car," he said, adding that he ordered the robber to "Get out of the car!"

Police officers later identified the accused robber as Michael Clark. 

"I get him on the ground, hold him down, put my arm and knee in his back and put his hands behind his back. I'm like, 'Man, ain't no move, ain't no move.' He's still trying to struggle," he said.

He said Clark bit him during the struggle. Other witnesses joined in to help. 

"He's still trying to squirm. I go in his back pocket and get his ID until the police come, and I give them the ID and stuff," he said.  

The good Samaritans also helped the victims to recover the cash. 

A witness said a woman was also seen speeding away in a Range Rover during the incident. Authorities are searching for the driver, although it's unclear whether she was involved in the robbery.

Records show Clark was arrested on charges of strong-arm robbery, attempted kidnappings, two counts of battery on a person 65 years old or older and two counts of battery. 

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