Happy birthday, Barbie! Check out what iconic doll looked like when you were born

1973 Malibu Christie (barbiemedia.com).
1973 Malibu Christie (barbiemedia.com).

It’s Barbie’s 61st birthday on Monday!

Barbies seem to be a staple in a lot of childhood toy boxes. Do you remember which ones you had in your pile of toys? Can you recall which ones your children had?

Here are some of the signature Barbies from the last 60 years.

1959 Teenage Fashion Barbie and 1960s Barbie and Ken

1962 Barbie Red Flare


1966 Barbie Color Magic

1969 Christie

1971 Malibu Barbie with towel

1973 Malibu Christie and 1973 Quick Curl Barbie

1977 Superstar Barbie

1978 Barbie and Ken, with the 1978 Country Camper

1980 Hispanic Barbie and 1980 African-American Barbie

1981 Roller Skater Barbie

1984 Barbie and Ken


1988 Fashion Magic Barbie

1992 Totally Hair Barbie and Totally Hair Ken

1994 Kenyan Barbie and 1994 Native American Barbie

1999 Generation Girl

2000 Jewel Girl

2005 Destiny's Child

2010 Barbie Basics Group

2012 William and Catherine Royal Wedding

2014 Barbie Entrepreneur

Do you remember any of these Barbies from yours or your child's youth? If you still own one, how old is it? Tell us in the comment section below.

Note: All images from barbiemedia.com.

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