Dozens of beagles to be killed after being used in chemical test

(Humane Society of the United States)

MATTAWAN, Mich. – After being fed fungicides for a year to test a new chemical, over three dozen beagles will be put down so that their organs can be examined.

The dogs at the facility in southwestern Michigan will all be killed in July, the New York Daily News reports.

An investigation by the Humane Society of the United States showed the chemical product was developed by Dow AgroSciences, which contracted the lab to use the 36 beagles.

The report claims the dogs spent their days in cages when they were not undergoing tests.

In a statement, Dow said they do not take animal testing lightly, but they must do so when it is required by authorities. The company says Brazilian regulations require the animal testing.

However, the Humane Society provided a response from the Brazilian pesticide authority that said they were willing to grant waivers to allow companies to forego the dog test.

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