Cuba releases results of 2-year probe on alleged high-tech attacks on Americans

Cuban government says own investigation shows no evidence health incidents took

HAVANA – Cuban government officials, through an hour-long presentation on Thursday, once again argued there is no evidence health "attacks" on American and Canadian embassy workers took place. 

The Cuban investigation and the interactions with American and Canadian  authorities show attacks did not happen, said Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, director of the U.S. Section at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry. 

“We’ve been reassured through interactions that there is no proof these attacks took place,” said Fernandez de Cossio, who added the Cuban government doesn’t doubt there are sick embassy workers but their health issues they argue are not directly linked to living in Cuba. 

Equipment that can create far-reaching sounds as described by American authorities do not exist in Cuba, said Ministry of Interior Lt. Coronel Roberto Hernandez Caballero. 

The two-year investigation includes interviews from more than 100 people living in the areas where the American and Canadians lived. 

During the investigative process, the U.S. personnel provided the Cuban government three audio samples and a compact disc with 14 recordings of sounds workers had heard. 

It’s not possible the symptoms described by the diplomats were caused by an acoustic attack, said Ministry of Interior Lt. Coronel Jose Alazo Rangel. 

The incidents first reported in February 2017, but the Cuban government points out four months passed before an FBI delegation visited Cuba to investigate. 

Cuban investigative officials met with the FBI nine times, but they don’t believe cooperation has been sufficient and the Cuban government has not had access to medical and other testing in the investigation. 

“No culprits have been found,” Hernandez Caballero said. “Nor have we found anyone with the motivation or the means to do suck a thing.”

During the lengthy exchange, Cuban health experts went on the provide reasons why different medical findings could be debunked.    

The health incidents were the driving force for the reduction in staff at the U.S. embassy in Havana and the Cuban government argues the issue has been politicized in order to destroy bilateral relations between both countries. 

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