Homestead man to face charges in road rage incident in Florida Keys

Deputies say Calvin Burdick assaulted tow truck driver after crash

Deputies say Calvin Burdick assaulted a tow truck driver after a traffic dispute.

KEY LARGO, Fla. – A Homestead man was arrested Friday after deputies said he assaulted a tow truck driver after a hit-and-run crash last month in Key Largo.

Calvin Burdick, 46, faces charges of battery and leaving the scene of a crash.

Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, said the tow truck driver was traveling along the Overseas Highway around 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 when he encountered a white pickup truck traveling at 10 mph under the posted 45 mph speed limit. The tow truck driver attempted to signal the driver of the truck with his lights but the truck continued traveling under the speed limit and began abruptly braking, Linhardt said. 

Eventually, the tow truck driver rear-ended the truck. When the vehicles stopped, Burdick approached the tow truck driver and punched him in the face. Deputies said Burdick continued to strike the driver while he was on the ground. Burdick then fled the scene of the crash, Linhardt said.

The tow truck driver’s dashboard camera recorded the incident and the victim was able to positively identify Burdick from a photo lineup, Linhardt said.