Miami men accused of carrying out gas theft scheme in Stuart

Police say men would resell gas in Miami for $1 per gallon


STUART, Fla. – Two Miami men were arrested last week in Stuart after police said they were carrying out an elaborate gas theft scheme.

Richard Granda-Aloma and Maikel Carballo faces charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel, criminal use of personal identification, fraudulent use of a credit card, trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and ongoing scheme to defraud.

The Stuart Police Department said Granda-Aloma and Carballo were found with a cache of stolen credit cards and were driving a pickup truck outfitted with an 800-gallon gas tank. Police also found a second vehicle -- a box truck with two 500-gallon drums inside a hidden compartment. 

Police said Granda-Aloma and Carballo would use the stolen credit cards to buy diesel fuel in Stuart and then resell the fuel for a $1 a gallon in Miami.