Publix scales as 'Florida' as sandy beaches and palm trees


MIAMI – Chances are, if you've visited a Publix within the last century or so, you've weighed yourself either while walking in or out of Florida's famous supermarket chain.

The weight scales that sit at the front of all Publix stores are as popular as the deli subs and fresh produce they sell.

But did you ever wonder why the scales were there in the first place?

The first scale appeared at Publix in the late 1930's because most people didn't own a scale back then, WTVT reports. The scales at the market were the only ones people could use to check their weight for free.


At first, the scales were placed in the back of the store, but eventually moved to the front. Current scales are four times bigger than the originals.

Interestingly enough, the scales are only found in Florida stores due to rising costs of equipment, according to Publix.