Sunrise fire chief files restraining order against former fire captain, union president

Firefighter's wife also granted restraining order against husband

SUNRISE, Fla. – Sunrise Fire Chief John McNamara has filed a restraining order against former fire captain and union president Frank Cagan.

According to court records the order was filed Wednesday in Broward County Court.

"I can't comment on that." Chief McNamara told Local 10 Investigator Jeff Weinsier by phone today.

Cagan's wife, Bethal, also took out a restraining order which was served to him Wednesday

As Local 10 News first reported Wednesday, Cagan, 51, has been ban from all City buildings and no longer works for the City.

A source says the firefighter was fired, but the city will only say he is no longer an employee as of April 8th.

Cagan was arrested this week for allegedly illegally recording a conversation with the city's fire chief and a police officer without their consent, then posting the entire conversation on Facebook.

In the state of Florida, it is against the law to record someone without their consent.

In that Facebook post, Cagan blames Sunrise Fire Chief John McNamara for embarrassing him in front of his family.

An irate Cagan tells the chief there is a criminal investigation against him and he's going to jail.

"You're done John," Cagan is heard saying on the recording in the post.

Cagan had been a Sunrise firefighter for 30 years.

In January, Cagan sent Sunrise commissioners an email, demanding they meet with him once a month or they won't receive the fire union's endorsement next election. 

Sunrise Deputy Mayor Mark Douglas called him out on the dais.

"It appears Mr. Cagen wished to threaten this commission with no endorsement," Douglas said at a January commission meeting.

"It was a way to bully and say if we don't get what we want, you won't be here much longer," Douglas told Local 10 investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier.

Things escalated.

In March, the Sunrise Police Department issued a flyer, saying Cagan was banned from all city buildings and employees were to contact police if he showed up.

An internal email from a Sunrise police major said Cagan exhibited concerning behavior at city meetings and sent multiple emails to city officials that caused further concern.

That memo warned that Cagan possesses firearms and competes in mixed martial arts.

At Tuesday night's Sunrise City Commission meeting, extra police officers were on hand. 

Cagan has been recently hospitalized twice under the Baker Act.

"Certainly it has caused some anxiety for myself and my family when someone is acting as irrationally as he has," Douglas said.

A video posted Wednesday by Cagan on Facebook shows him being served with a restraining order by police from his wife. 

Cagan told Weinsier by phone that he has never threatened anyone in his 30-year career.

When asked if he thought his behavior was erratic, Cagan told Weinsier his behavior is reflective of how he's being treated.

The city did not give a reason for why Cagan was placed administrative leave and later fired.

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Posted by Frank Cagan on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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