Don't give away too much personal info on bumper stickers

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MIAMI – What you put on the back of your car or SUV can give a crook all the information they need to make you and your family a target.

While they may look cute or allow you to gloat, bumper stickers divulge more personal information than you may realize, and criminals know it.

Honor Roll Student bumper stickers tell people where your children go to school, while family decals release information on how many people are in your home.

Criminals can even tell what kind of dog, big or small, may be patrolling where you live.

“You know, I don’t recommend the bumper stickers for your car that advertise your life story,” said Irondale Detective Sergeant Michael Mangina to KFVS.

Stickers that let others know a parent is in the military can let crooks know that an adult could be out of town for long periods of time.