Barry University student accused of punching classmate in eye

John Derek Bridier, 31, arrested on aggravated battery charge

John Bridier, 31, is accused of punching a student in the eye at Barry University.

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – A Barry University student was arrested Tuesday for punching one of his classmates in the eye, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, the victim walked into his class five minutes late while covering his right eye. 

As he was walking to his seat, John Bridier, 31, of Lake Worth, began laughing at him and calling him obscene and racist words, as he had done on multiple occasions, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Bridier continued to antagonize the victim by telling him he wanted to go outside to fight. He then poked the victim in the right eye, authorities said.

Police said Bridier was removed from the classroom with help from fellow students and the professor; however, the professor allowed Bridier to go back inside the classroom after a brief talk so he could apologize to the victim.

Authorities said the victim told Bridier he did not need an apology and just wanted to be left alone, at which time Bridier called him a "b**** a**" and tried to touch him.

The victim told Bridier not to touch him and Bridier proceeded to punch the victim in the right eye, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Bridier was escorted to the security office with help from students and security officers while the victim was taken to the university clinic.

Police said the victim had a cut on the upper part of his nose, which might have been broken, and suffered a possibly detached retina and/or corneal cut to his right eye.

Police said Bridier refused to speak with authorities and requested an attorney.

He was arrested on an aggravated battery charge. 

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