Burglar caught on camera targeting multiple homes in Davie neighborhood

Package also reported stolen from outside 1 home Monday

DAVIE, Fla. – A motion sensor tied to a Ring doorbell camera apparently alerted a Davie homeowner about a stranger prowling on his property Monday.

The man is seen on video stealing a package from the doorstep.

But he wasn't quite done.

Cameras also caught him behind the home, and neighbors believe he's done this nearly a half dozen times this month.

Some residents in the neighborhood off Southwest 30th Street near Pine Island Road are fearful they'll fall victim next.

They admit crimes in the area are rare.

But on a different day, another Ring doorbell camera caught what appeared to be the same young man knocking on a door, despite the obvious doorbell.

He kept his head focused on a cellphone in his hand, likely to obscure his face.

The home burglaries involve the culprit or culprits first knocking and then going around to the back of the home when no one answers, only to break a window to get inside and steal valuables.

"You know, we'll be on the lookout," one homeowner said. "Usually we have (each other's) phone numbers so we'll call. My alarm went off some time ago. My neighbor called me." 

Anyone with further information about the recent theft and burglaries is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.


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