Woman dies after allegedly being attacked in hospital for snoring

(Daily Mail)

HULL, UNITED KINGDOM – A woman has died after she was attacked in the hospital by another patient who was apparently annoyed with her snoring.

Eileen Bunting, 64, died April 4 after her hospital roommate at the Hull Royal Infirmary threw a cup at her head a few weeks earlier, causing her to suffer facial injuries.

While Bunting's official cause of death was renal failure, her family believes the attack led to a setback from recovery and ultimately caused her passing, according to The Sun.

Bunting's husband said his wife was scheduled to come home the next day and took a sleeping pill the night she was allegedly attacked.

"I know it was to do with snoring," said Philip Bunting. "I know it’s the reason."

Mark Bunting believes his mother was targeted in a premeditated attack because he claims the door handles to the room were tied together.

Hospital officials say they were staffed properly, but admitted it is impossible to monitor each and every patient around the clock.

Police are now investigating the incident.