Men go from catcalling to attacking 2 women in Miami's Wynwood

Detectives search for men accused of beating woman

MIAMI – After a group of men who were accosting her and her partner brutally attacked them in Miami's Wynwood, Jessica Saravia said she is afraid. She wants the men arrested.

Saravia and Susana Duron said they were walking in the neighborhood's popular area of Second Avenue at 24th Street when a group of men started to harass them. They had picked up some pizza, so after cat-calling, one asked for a slice. 

"The moment I spoke up, he struck me," Saravia said, adding that she had never seen the man before. "He split my lip. I got 7 to 10 stitches from the inside out. I’m missing teeth on top and I have loose teeth on the bottom." 

The men struck Saravia several times in the head. She suffered a mild concussion. Duron punched one of them, and he pushed her to the ground. Although her head hit concrete, she wasn't injured. A man who was part of the group tried to stop the attackers but it was too late. 

Saravia called 911, and the guys started to scatter and drove away. She tried to take a picture of one of their license plates, but one of the guys blocked her. They reported them to the Miami Police Department and detectives are searching for the attackers.

Duron and Saravia said they want the brazen attackers caught. Saravia's friend Alex Kaprah set up a GoFundMe account when she learned that she was uninsured and the dental procedures that she needs are expensive.  

"No amount is too small," Kaprah wrote. "Your help is truly appreciated by all of us who love her."

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