Christian exorcists meet in Rome


MIAMI – Hundreds of exorcists from the Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant churches are meeting in Italy this week to train on the rite of casting out demons. 

About 250 exorcists from 50 countries were in Rome to participate in the Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation, a week-long $448 course in Rome that began in 2005. 

Some of the May 6-11 sessions include discussions on psychological disorders and criminological and legal aspects including pedophilia and child pornography. 

During a Vatican course on confession in March, the Crux reported Pope Francis told a group of priests that if they become aware of the possible presence of a demonic influence affecting someone going to confession they "should not hesitate" to refer the penitent to an exorcist. 

course will be held at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome April 16-21.

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