American Airlines flight lands safely in Miami despite flat tire

Boeing 737 departed from Kingston, Jamaica

MIAMI – An American Airlines flight from Jamaica landed safely Tuesday morning at Miami International Airport, even though one of the wheels on the airplane's landing gear had a flight tire.

American Airlines flight 2370 departed from Kingston, Jamaica, en route to Miami.

"People were like, 'What's going on?'" passenger Tamar McLaren said.

McLaren said the pilot got on the intercom and let everyone know what was going on.

"(He said that) we left some debris on the runway and that we might have to do an emergency landing and that the fire trucks and everything would be there," McLaren said.

The plane landed safely, but Miami-Dade Fire Rescue was waiting on the runway as a precaution.

American Airlines spokeswoman Alexis Aran Coello said the plane made "an emergency landing upon arrival because of damage to a tire." She said the Boeing 737-800 was towed to the gate.

"The 172 passengers and six crew members onboard are all OK and deplaned normally," she said.

Passengers told Local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez that the pilot did a great job with the emergency landing.

"Of course we were nervous, but it was a fabulous landing," passenger Deirdre Harris said. "It was really smooth and soft. Everything was professional. I have to say kudos to that pilot. Very, very well done."

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