Chomp, chomp! Photos show Florida gator snacking on snake

(Birdwalk Photography)

LAKELAND, Fla. – Isn't nature awesome?  Well, unless you're a snake being eaten by an alligator.

It was a Florida battle between David and Goliath, and the smart money was on Goliath in this swamp scuffle.

Jesse and Linda Waring of BirdWalk Photography spotted the fracas while visiting the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on Saturday. After hearing a splash, the couple noticed it was feeding time for the gator.

Luckily, Linda is quick on the draw with a camera and was able to snap some amazing photographs that show how it's a "eat or be eaten" world in the wild.

While the snake put up a fight and a strong attempt to slither away, the entire altercation was over in 10 minutes and the gator was back out looking for his next bite.