Rideshare vehicles contain 35,000 times more germs than toilet seats, study shows

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – No matter how nice the rideshare vehicle you're driving in appears to be, know that the car or SUV probably contains 35,000 times more germs than a toilet seat.

A new study by insurance company Netquote revealed some rather disturbing information about the Uber or Lyft you're taking to work or wherever else you need to go.

The study attempted to learn how many bacterial colony-forming units (CFU) were found per square inch on the surfaces of rideshare vehicles and normal household items that people use every day.

A toilet seat measured 171.65 CFU, while a rideshare car contained a whopping 6,055,963 CFU.  Toothbrush holders and coffee reservoir's were also found to measure less CFU than a rideshare.

Even taxis fared much better than a rideshare vehicle with the yellow vehicles containing just 27,593 CFU.