Scammers use Channel 10 name to target catering companies, restaurants

At least 5 local businesses victimized

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Attention catering companies and local restaurants: There's a scam underway targeting you and they are using Channel 10 in the scheme.

Several local caterers and restaurant owners have shown up at Channel 10 to collect money.

They are being victimized by someone who claims to be calling from Channel 10. The caller places a large food order and asks for it to be delivered to another location.

When the food is dropped off, the scammers tell the restaurant owners to go to Channel 10 for payment.

Of course once they get here, we don't know what they're talking about because we didn't place the food order.

This has now happened to at least five local businesses.

We want to alert all caterers and restaurant owners that Channel 10 is not placing these orders.  

If someone calls your business and claims to be from Channel 10, they are lying. Don't fall for this scam!! The callers say they are Sharon or Tiffany.

Our Jeff Weinsier is working on a follow-up report on this story and we will have it for you shortly. 

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