Authorities urge caution after red-tailed hawk attacks reported in Miami Springs

'I started bleeding from my eye,' neighbor says

MIAMI SPRINGS, Fla. – A neighborhood bird has been on the attack: chest out and on guard, ready to protect her nest.

Some people in the area said Wednesday it feels as if they're under siege.

"You don't hear anything, (but) he'll come right behind you and hit you, right behind the head," said Carlos Blanco, who lives next to one of several red-tailed hawk nests spotted near the Miami Springs Library, where several hawk attacks have been reported.

"I use my umbrella to get in and out of the car," Blanco said.

He's been struck four times.

"The third time, (the hawk) got me real good, with claws and everything," Blanco said. "I started bleeding from my eye."


The situation is so serious that city staffers are going door to door in the neighborhood, handing out flyers and warning neighbors about the possible danger along Flamingo Circle near Westward Drive, telling people to avoid the area if possible.

The public tennis courts have been shut down until further notice.

"I know it's a federal and state offense to shoot them or hunt them, but they need to get rid of them," Blanco said. "They attack people at night."

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