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United Nations calls on states to protect Venezuelan migrants

UN supports 'group-based recognition' of Venezuelan refugees

Javier Pinzon holds his 21-day-old baby, Jhosmar Pinzon, as he walks along a trail from Venezuela to Colombia on March 1, 2019. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

GENEVA/MIAMI – The United Nations is asking for international refugee protection for Venezuelan migrants who are fleeing from the crisis in their country. 

Liz Throssell, a spokeswoman for the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees, told reporters Tuesday in Geneva that the majority of Venezuelan migrants are in Latin America. 

"It may be impractical to undertake individual determinations of refugee status, which is why group-based recognition is recommended," Throssell said.

The UN is also calling on states to ensure Venezuelan migrants are not forcibly returned to Venezuela. The statement comes as Juan Guaidó, who the U.S. recognizes as Venezuela's interim president, is lobbying for a temporary protected status for Venezuelan migrants in the U.S. 

Here is a link to the UN's new guidance note


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