Americans are in a serious sex drought

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MIAMI – While people believe most Americans only think about sex, we're definitely not doing the deed as often.

The numbers of adults going without sex for a year reached its highest numbers in 2018, with an incredible amount of young men making up most of those doing "without."

According to the General Social Survey, nearly 23 percent of men in their 20s spent an entire year without having sex, the Washington Post reports. That's a number more than double than those in their 40s.

The overall sex drought could be pinned to the fact that the number of people 60-years-old and older has risen sharply since 1996, but the amount of younger people remaining celibate is truly surprising.

The fact that many young Americans are unemployed could be one explanation as the study shows a "connection between labor force participation and stable relationships."

More young men also live at home with their parents, prohibiting the amount of alone time spent with a partner.

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