Choppy surf doesn't discourage Memorial Day beachgoers

Tourists out in force for start of summer holiday


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The high waves kicking up on Fort Lauderdale beach did little to keep the crowds from showing up on the sand this Memorial Day.

“It was windy and choppy, but I actually like the wind. It brought the whole the aroma of Fort Lauderdale together,” tourist Marcell Weaver said.

Marcell Weaver and Cherie Weaver are visiting from Dallas.

“I feel like Fort Lauderdale just gives a little more of a relaxing experience, where as Miami is a more party action, so it’s just more chill here in my opinion,” Cherie Weaver said.

Tourists enjoyed parasailing, swimming, scooters and more on a picture perfect day despite the red and purple flags flying at the lifeguard stands. Those flags warned of dangerous water conditions and marine life.

“What flags? I don’t even see the flags. There’s no flags bothering me. How can anything bother you on a beautiful day like today?” said Joe Sabbagh, who is visiting from Rhode Island.

Despite the sarcasm, it was certainly a problem-free and memorable Memorial Day that these visitors wish they could pack away in their luggage.

“We’re from Rhode Island so this right now is fantastic. It’s gorgeous here,” Joann Sabbagh said.

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