Video captures dogs mauling another dog in Miami-Dade County's Tamiami area

Residents say dogs have attacked before

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A beloved pet was mauled to death by dogs that residents in Miami-Dade County's Tamiami area say have been on the attack before and nothing was done about it.  

Surveillance video captured the vicious attack in the area of Northwest 134th Avenue and Eighth Lane and now the dog's owners want the other dogs removed from their neighborhood.

"It was murder," Claudia Farrat said. 

Farrat said the incident occurred May 28. 

"Honestly, all I can remember is screaming over and over again, 'Help. Help. My dog's being killed!'" Farrat said. 

Farrat and her husband, Frank, have coffee each morning in their backyard and are joined by their two dogs, Brownie and Turbo.

She said she stood up when she lost sight of Turbo last Tuesday and found him frozen in fear a few yards away as two other dogs were closing in on him.

"The minute I screamed, 'Turbo,' he jumped on him and out right where you are here, the brown one jumps on the other end," Farrat explained to Local 10 News reporter Ian Margol. 

Video from a neighbor's home shows the dogs with Turbo dangling from their jaws.

They violently dragged him across the grass until a couple of neighbors finally stepped in and wrestled them off of him.

The dog was rushed to the veterinarian, but after hours of surgery, he died of his injuries.

Margol knocked on door of the home of the man who owns the two dogs responsible for the attack and asked why he hadn't even apologized for what they did.

"The reaction of them was not friendly," Jose Vazquez said. 

"I mean, your dogs killed their dog. How did you expect them to react?" Margol asked.  

"Later. I know about that. Later," Vazquez said. 

Meanwhile, Farrat and her neighbors are scared to even go to the lake. She said it's affecting their everyday lives.

"I don't even like to be out here anymore," Farrat said. 

According to Farrat, this is not the first time the dogs have been in trouble.

In fact, another neighbor told Margol a person was bitten by one of the dogs a couple of years ago.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services is investigating the case.

Local 10 News reached out to the agency for comment, but no one has returned our calls.

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