Rare blue lobster shows up at restaurant

CAPE COD, Mass. – A restaurant owner is feeling anything but blue after receiving a rare lobster in his seafood shipment.

Nathan Nickerson III was shocked last week when he found a blue lobster arrive in the shipment to Arnold's Lobster and Clam Bar in Cape Cod.

"I said, 'I think we have something special here.' I couldn't believe the color," Nickerson told CNN. "Everyone was circling around it, just wondering, 'How did this happen?'"

Blue lobsters are so rare, they're found in about one of every 2 million lobsters.

Nickerson III says he'll keep the blue lobster on display at the restaurant for about a week and will then donate it to an aquarium.

He says he can't return it to the ocean as its bright blue color would make it impossible to hide among the sandy sea bottom near Cape Cod.