Residents frustrated with Miami apartment building management after fight in lobby

3 people hospitalized after fight in lobby of apartment building

MIAMI – Residents are frustrated with the management of a Miami apartment building after a fight occurred in its lobby Wednesday night, leading to three people being hospitalized.

"I came downstairs, ran into essentially a trail of blood that strung the elevators all of the way to the front door, all over the front door," said Kaia Rhodes, who lives in the apartment building.

It was a horrifying scene for people living in the building in Miami's Edgewater neighborhood. According to police, the bloody mess was caused by a fight that led to three people being stabbed Wednesday night.

"It was horrible," said Fredy Hernandez, who lives in the apartment building. "It was really, really bad."


Hernandez and other residents of the 2500 Biscayne building said a group of people who don't actually live there had been staying there as guests, and were partying in the pool area well after it was closed.

Then, something happened and a fight broke out.

"When we came downstairs, the security guard told us that everything happened in the lobby, that it started in the pool, but then it came to the lobby," Hernandez said.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene and brought the three men to the hospital, where all three were listed in stable condition.

Police are now investigating, but neighbors are getting frustrated, blaming the building's management, who they said allow just anyone to rent rooms as single-night stays.

"When we first moved in, they made us do an extensive background check to the residents, the people actually paying rent, but turns out, for these other people, you can just rent it with an ID and that's it," Hernandez said.

"Vans of people come in and out of here, like a hotel. Like a cheap hotel," Rhodes said.

Why the stabbing occurred and who the victims were are questions that are still unanswered.

Anyone who knows anything that can help police is asked to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

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