Field house catches fire at Miami Edison Senior High School

No children injured in blaze

MIAMI – Miami Edison Senior High School's field house locker room caught on fire Sunday.

The Miami Edison football team tweeted a photo of the damaged field house Sunday afternoon and said team members found out about the fire while heading back from their college tours.

According to the team, whose head coach is Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, equipment such as bags, dummies and field markers, was destroyed in the fire.

"Just looking at it, I'm sick," coach Madson Marcellus said. "It makes me want to cry."

The portion of the building that burned is an outside storage area that houses all of the football equipment. 

"Everything is basically decimated and its hard for us now to get ready to compete and its hard and I’m really, taken aback by this," Marcellus said.

No children were injured.

"Our kids are very resilient," Marcellus said. "And out of our resiliency, they say something great is gonna come out of this. Because our community is gonna get behind us."

The school believes this was an act of arson. But at this time, fire investigators said there's nothing that leads them to believe that somebody intentionally set the locker room on fire.

"The fire investigator responded and determined the fire was not intentionally set and classified the cause as undetermined," Miami Departement of Fire-Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll said.

A Miami police officer on patrol spotted the dark smoke and called firefighters.

Quarterback Keith Moore is trying to keep spirits high on the team.

"You gotta talk to them, tell them everything is gonna be alright and its gonna be better than it was before because we believe that," Moore said. 

The team had to deal with another tragedy last month when team member Richarde Dumay was one of three teens killed in a crash while on way to a soccer practice. 

"It's gonna bring us close because we already lost a player so that’ll push us to work harder and win a state championship," Moore said. 

Anyone with further information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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