AG&G Lawn Service comes to the rescue

How a crime victim helped a young family who was down on their luck

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – To a young family in Miami-Dade County, Gregory Colden is an angel. 

Colden, who was the victim of burglars in January, owns AG&G Lawn Service. When he heard his clients were suffering, he didn't turn the other way. He is loyal to his costumers.

"He has every excuse not to come to my house at this point and rightfully so," Tim Ramjohn said, adding it was outside his home where a thief took thousands of dollars in equipment from Colden, but yet he kept coming to cut his lawn. 

Colden kept going even though Ramjohn was down on his luck.


While Ramjohn was injured and hospitalized, his wife, Tatiana Ramjohn, was suffering from complications with her pregnancy. Amid the crisis, they ran out of money to pay Colden. 

"He has take a huge burden off of us ... and just coming home to see that has been amazing," said Tatiana Ramjohn, whose baby remains hospitalized. 


The Ramjohn family wants the community to know about Colden's extraordinary generosity. Colden has some wisdom to share, as well. 

"One of the greatest things that you can have in life is love," Colden said. "And if there is no love, there is nothing. ... I figured that is the best act of love I can give."

For more information about how to help or hire Colden, call him at 786-587-7919.

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