Hugh Jackman makes local girl's birthday wish come true

Mia Wojcik had a 7th birthday she'll never forget

PLANTATION, Fla. – Meet Mia Wojcik.

It’s safe to say she’s Hugh Jackman’s biggest fan. 

Wojcik, who lives in Plantation, just celebrated her seventh birthday and Jackman made it one she will never forget.

Ever since “The Greatest Showman” hit theaters 1 1/2 years ago, Wojcik has been hooked. 

“I saw it eight times in the movie theater and 12 times in all,” Wojcik said. “Everything about (it) was awesome.”

Wojcik even developed a little crush on the movie’s big star, Jackman.

For her sixth birthday last year, Wojcik wrote Jackman a letter asking him to come to her birthday. She went all out with a birthday party themed in the movie, and Wojcik’s mom, Jillian, said Mia had one big wish this year. 

“He was going to be in Denver on her birthday, so it was very important to her that she saw him on her birthday and her one birthday wish was that he would sing 'Happy Birthday to her,” Jillian Wojcik said. 

Mia Wojcik and several family members packed their bags and went to Denver to catch Jackman’s concert on July 10, and Mia wrote a sign hoping to gain Jackman’s attention, before the unthinkable happened. 

He started singing, “Happy Birthday.”

“I was just shaking,” Mia Wojcik said. “I can’t believe the man who was in ‘The Greatest Showman,' he sang‘Happy Birthday’ to me.”

Not only did Jackman make all of Mia Wojcik’s dreams come true by singing to her, but he also gave her a drumstick from the show. 

Jillian Wojcik shot a video that has already been viewed more than 1 million times. 

No doubt, it was an unforgettable birthday.

“I will never forget this time when he sang, ‘Happy Birthday’ to me,” Mia Wojcik said. “It was awesome.”

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