Family of victim killed in DUI crash wants suspect to remain in jail

'I will never stop,' victim's mother says about seeking justice for her son

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man accused of causing a deadly crash last year in Hollywood appeared in court Friday.

Prosecutors said Avelino Fonseco, 24, was drunk one night in October 2018 when he crashed into a Publix, killing one of his passengers. 

The victim's mother, Valerie Delatour, has been at each hearing and has been following every update on her son's accused killer, who she said was her son's childhood friend.

"I will never stop. If they tell me to come tomorrow, I will be back here tomorrow," Delatour said outside the courtroom. "The pain that I have inside of me is a constant pain, you know? A constant pain."

Jayson Senesca, 24, was in the back seat and was killed on impact, police said. 

Jayson Senesca, 24, was killed in an October 2018 crash in Hollywood.
Jayson Senesca, 24, was killed in an October 2018 crash in Hollywood.

After months of investigating, authorities arrested Fonesco.

Police said Fonesco had been drinking all night before he got behind the wheel and sped down Hollywood Boulevard in his red Mazda with several passengers in tow. 

A passenger in the front seat survived the crash and was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries.

Fonseco was also critically injured and knocked unconscious.

Senesca's family is looking for justice and want Fonesco to stay in jail, saying they don't feel he's remorseful and that Senesca had so much ahead of him, which was all taken away. 

"He was well appreciated. You can ask anybody -- any of his friends -- they'll tell you he's one of the best human beings that they've ever met," the victim's brother, Ricardo Rousseau, said. 

"I cannot have any hate for Avelino, and I don't have no hate for nobody because my heart tells me to love, not to hate. But I hate the fact -- I hate the action that he did," Delatour said. 

Senesca will remain jailed until at least his next hearing on Aug. 15. 

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